Simla Police Department

202 Sioux Avenue
PO Box 237
Simla, Colorado 80835

Police Chief Joe Roberts

Simla, Colorado is located on Highway 24 between Colorado Springs and Limon in Eastern Elbert County and serves a population of approximately 600 residents.

Simla Police Department Job Application:


Community, Enforcement, Justice


Reduce crime; the fear of crime and improve the quality of life for all citizens by incorporating innovative and creative solutions.


Strive to be the Premiere Law Enforcement Agency in our Region and the Standard for others to follow with a Continuous and Complete Commitment to Excellence

Simla Police Department Officers

Police Chief Joe Roberts

Chief’s Credo

I will NOT ask anyone to do something I will NOT DO

Chief’s Philosophy

The Community and the Police must work together as Partners to solve contemporary challenges facing our Community.

Simla Police Department Code Enforcement

Anthony Tribuzio


Community- a group that shares common values

Enforcement- act of convincing the observance of or compliance with a law, rule, or obligation

Integrity- being honest and having strong moral principles

Service- action of helping or doing work for someone

Respect- admiration for someone elicited by their qualities, achievement or actions

Leadership- process of influencing people to maximize their efforts to achieve a goal

Innovation- process of translating an idea or tool into a workable outcome

Justice- practice of being fair and consistent after examining all sides of a story, balancing stories with rewards vs. punishment and undisputed facts

The Simla Police have been involved in school programs such as:

Drive Smart

(Students Against
Destructive Decisions)

Alive at 25

Distracted Driving

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